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Mother and Baby


Welcome to Your Motherly Love Postnatal care in Sydney.

About Me

My name is Monique and I am a busy mother. I have a back ground in Public Health and understand the gap in care for Mother's postpartum. I am so happy I now get to help families transition into the world with a newborn. 

Our Services

Leaving the hospital with a newborn can often be both exciting and nerve racking. It is really unknown what to expect from here on. This is the time where families need that extra support and education around the newborn phase. All packages include:


  • An obligation free meet up with the family

  • A visit at home between 36-38 weeks of pregnancy to chat about your expectations and postpartum care and what exactly you need help with from me. 

  • Meals will be cooked and able to be frozen so you won’t have to worry about cooking for the family. 

  • Assisting with breastfeeding and answering any questions

  • Debriefing your birthing experience

  • Helping to settle baby, this includes showing swaddling and soothing techniques

  • Grocery shopping 

  • Light housework 

  • Driving to appointments

  • Looking after baby while parents rest or if you would like to go out without baby

  • Helping with siblings settling in with a newborn.


Support Package

9 Hours of support



Support Package 

15 Hours of Support 



Support Package

30 Hours of Support


2 hour Sleep settling session $150

It is normal to be exhausted and need some support and guidance around sleep after baby is born. Let me educate you on  wake windows, how to recognise sleeping cues and how to tell if they have been awake for too long. So in this visit we chat all about what has been going on with your  little one, check in and make sure you are ok, and I share my knowledge I have learnt over the years, in settling and feeding, and teach and instil confidence, so you feel calmer about knowing what your baby is needing. I continue to support with texts and phone calls as needed after the visit also.

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